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January 17, 2023

The Benefits of Winter Homebuying

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While many Americans wait for Spring and Summer to begin house hunting, you could be missing out on a great market in the winter! While you may not be motivated to look at properties or explore open houses in the cold, you may be missing out some great advantages that aren’t found in other seasonal markets.

Less Competition

With less people shopping for houses in winter, you’re less likely to run into market competition. In the warmer months, many buyers are concerned about strained inventory. While many people are concerned about the holiday season or unpredictable weather, you could have the chance to move into your dream home before summer!

More Motivated Sellers and Bargain Chances

Homeowners who decide to sell during the winter are often motivated to sell quickly for a variety of reasons. Companies tend to relocate employees during the first quarter of the year, which can lead to a surge of determined buyers and sellers. Additionally, some sellers benefit from tax advantages and may be looking to get those benefits in the current tax year rather than waiting until the next. These sellers may be more willing to negotiate on price, closing costs, the closing date, or other terms.

Less Maintenance Surprises

During warmer and nicer weather, house hunters typically see a home when its at its best with curb appeal, landscaping, and interior work. The cold is more likely to expose drafts in windows and doors. You will also be able to see major maintenance issues that adverse weather can bring. Colder climates can experience ice dams or poor heat circulation.

Chance for Faster Services

As the market slows down, so does business for Realtors, Loan Originators, and moving companies. With less loan volume, your loan underwriters and processors may be able to get to your application faster. If you live in a part of the country that gets cold and snowy, you’ll most likely want to book movers. They will likely be less busy and competitive, leading to a better rate, time slot, and more flexibility.

Financing During All Seasons

A colorful two0story home sitting far back on a snow covered lawn. The home is a bright mint color with white windows, blue doors, and gold detailing.

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