April 20, 2022

Landscape and Yard Tips for Pet Owners

When people think of pet-friendly yards, they may picture toys strewn about, digging holes, or furry friends wreaking havoc on garden flowers. Landscaping with your pets in mind is a wonderful way to ensure every being in your home can make the best of your yard. To keep your yard pet-friendly and beautiful, try these tips.

Grass Alternatives

If you enjoy the look of open, green space but your pets are being less than gentle, consider incorporating different types of grass. For example, Bermuda grass is among the toughest against foot and paw traffic. Alternatively, areas of clover are resistant to staining caused by pet urine and require less constant care than common yard grasses.


Incorporating non-living elements into your yard and garden is known as hardscaping. Hardscaping offers an ornamental and low-maintenance solution to areas that your pet may love to dig and explore in or designating different areas of your yard.

Dog Paths

If a fence already surrounds your property, experts recommend not growing plants in the areas immediately against the fencing. Dogs are known to be territorial and their favorite walkways are usually right along the fence side. This can often result in what’s called “dog pathing.” Instead of limiting your pet, experts recommend embracing these paths. You can install stone walkways over existing dog paths, allowing your pet to still have their favorite paths and providing a dreamy and intentional look to your yard.  


Fencing certain parts of your yard can keep pets away from areas or plants. Fenced in gardens can mimic courtyards and look charming, especially when paired with stone walkways. Alternatively, you may want to use fencing to create a designated area where your pet is free to roam.

Pet Friendly Plant Options for Your Garden

If you have a diverse garden, you may have plants that are toxic to your furry friends without even realizing. Here are a few alternatives to brighten up your yard while keeping your pets safe:

  • Zinnia – a beautiful annual flower that comes in a variety of colors and are beloved by hummingbirds and butterflies.
  • Cornflower – these bright blue blossoms have wonderful benefits for pollinators and their flowers are edible with a sweet, cucumber-like taste.
  • Marigold – a natural insect deterrent, marigolds love long days in the hot sun and the same kind of rich soil your veggie garden appreciates.
  • Snapdragon – coming in various colors, these flowering spikes are frost tolerant and can keep your garden looking beautiful even in late Autumn.
  • Rose of Sharon – often confused for Hibiscus, these bush flowers are wonderful additions for butterflies and hummingbirds.
  • Ice Plant – with low spread stems and flowers, this is another plant that will keep your garden beautiful from Spring until first frost.
  • Nasturtium – beautiful scarlet blossoms decorate this entirely edible (from stem to blooms!) garden favorite.

A person doesn’t have to choose between a happy pet and a well-kept yard. Different types of plants, landscaping, and fencing can all contribute to a beautiful outdoor space that’s enjoyable for every member of your family. If you’re ready to have a home with the yard of your dreams, contact us today.

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