July 29, 2020

Easy and Thoughtful DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

Looking for thoughtful, unique gifts for you loved ones this Valentine’s Day? Say goodbye to boring, cliché boxes of chocolate and teddy bears. Here are some ideas for easy and fun things to make that your valentine will actually be happy to receive.

Date Night Jar

Get a bunch of popsicle sticks and write ideas for easy, fun things you can do throughout the year with your partner. Then, store all the popsicle sticks with your date ideas in a jar that you decorate however you like! This is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Jar Full of Reasons Why You Love Them

Another gift you can easily make is a jar with notes listing reasons you love your partner. Just write all your reasons down on different pieces of paper, roll or fold them up, and place them in a jar. Extra credit: Tie little ribbons around the rolled-up notes to turn them into fancy scrolls. Then, decorate the jar. This gift is a fun reminder of your love that your special someone can always look back on.

A Handwritten Frosting Note
This idea is the best of sweet treats and love letters in one! Bake a big cookie, cake, or whichever dessert you like as long as you can decorate it with icing. Then, write a love letter on it with frosting. Now, your sweetie can enjoy two gifts in one – a beautiful profession of your love and a delicious treat!

Heart Shaped Tea Bag

Make your valentine a cup of tea and add a little touch of romance by attaching a heart-shaped piece of construction paper to the end of the tea bag. Bonus points: Write little love notes on each heart.

Conversation Starters
Write down several conversation starters to keep in a jar or a box. Break them out on date nights to entice interesting conversations. Some examples to consider: “What is your favorite memory?”; “What is your favorite thing about me?”; “Describe your dream date.”

Chalkboard Love Mugs

Get some chalkboard paint and paint hearts onto a mug. You can paint one big one and write a love note on it. Or, try painting small hearts all around the mug and write things like “you’re cute,” “be mine,” and “kiss me” on them. You can even get creative and write inside jokes on them.

Sticky Note Love Letter Surprise

Write thoughtful notes on sticky notes and stick them in the shape of a heart on the bathroom mirror or somewhere your special someone will end up seeing. We recommend setting them up in the bathroom before your valentine wakes up so that they’ll see the sweet surprise first thing when they get up in the morning. This gift is extremely easy to make as it only requires sticky notes and a marker, but it shows a lot of thoughtfulness your loved one will appreciate.

Heart Shaped Breakfast in Bed

You don’t always have to overthink Valentine’s Day gifts because everyone loves breakfast in bed. Just make your valentine a yummy breakfast and include sweet little touches like heart shaped eggs, flowers, and a love note.

Handmade Perfume or Body Spray

Easily make a perfume or body spray by combining witch hazel and your own selection of essential oils in a bottle. Make sure to choose essential oils that both you and your sweetie will love. Tie some ribbon around the bottle or write a heartfelt label. The beauty about this idea is that, since you’ll be smelling it when they wear it, it’s a gift that both of you will love!

Monthly Date Envelopes

We saved the best for last! Get 12 envelopes, one for each month, and fill each one with a date idea. Include tickets to shows or gift cards to restaurants and places you’d like to go on dates to. Now, for the next year, you’ll have a date lined up for each month!

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