April 19, 2023

7 Spring Pest Control Tips

While some critters are welcome wildlife neighbors, others can quickly become a troublesome nuisance. Insects and other pests become more active during warmer weather, just as people and animals do. To ensure your home is free of pests, we’ve outlined seven important tips.

1. Research Pests in Your Area

While some pests are around all year, certain species are more active during the warmer seasons. Termites, rats, ants, ticks, and mosquitos typically begin to emerge in the Spring. Learning what these pests look like and how they can affect your property can be a big help.

2. Inspect the Home’s Exterior and Interior

Winter weather and precipitation can lead to damage to your exterior. Cracks, crumbling foundation, open slots under doors, faulty windows, and falling siding are perfect entrances for pests. Check your outdoor décor and furniture that you brought in during the winter for any pesky hitchhikers. Burrowing and nesting pests may have taken refuge during the colder weather. Be sure to clear out attics and basements, as dank and dark areas are perfect for breeding spiders and attics can be home to nesting animals, like rodents.

3. Keep Things Clean

Large amounts of clutter and trash buildup give more space for pests to hide. By keeping things clean and clear, you can deter unwanted critters and ensure your space looks polished.

4. Maintain Your Yard

Maintenance is essential for upkeep, curb appeal, and pest protection. Fall and Winter can naturally create pest hazards behind debris, dead leaves, melting snow, and mud. Damp wood and thick undergrowth can lead to large populations of insects. Standing water is also essential for mosquitoes’ breeding habits. Keep plants and shrubs away from your home’s walls and foundation as these plants can create access points for insects to enter your home.

5. Monitor Food and Waste

Like humans, all animals need three basic things: food, water, and shelter. Minimize pests’ access to your food by storing it in air-tight containers, including pet food. Be sure your trash receptacles are fully sealed when you aren’t using them. When having events outside, be sure to clean up dishes and spills quickly to not attract insects.

6. Control Moisture

Pooling water and blocked drainage can lead to swarming insects and water damage. Installing extra down spouts and rainscaping can help curb excess water and keep insects from breeding. For indoor plants, be sure to keep to a watering schedule and check for root rot to prevent aphids.

7. Know When to Contact a Professional

While there are tips and upkeep methods you can perform yourself, it’s important to know when to contact a professional. Never deal with infestations on your own!

Well maintained townhouses side by side in the Spring on a sunny day.

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