February 27, 2024

5 Ways You Can Secure and Protect Your Home for Peace of Mind

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Your home is a major investment of time, emotions, and money. It’s a place where you should feel secure for the long term, but how do you keep such an important asset safe?

Let’s break down 5 ways you can keep your house safe, even when nobody is home. While some things should be accomplished as soon as you move into your home, others can be implemented any time to improve your property’s safety and security.

New Locks

Changing your home’s locks is essential for safety. Between the previous owners and home showings, it’s hard to know how many people may have held copies of your keys.

For added peace of mind, experts recommend investing in smart locks for your home. These can be controlled remotely through an app on a homeowner’s phone. You won’t have to worry about whether you remembered to lock the door behind you and you can let in trusted visitors without needing to keep track of spare keys.

Front Door Assurance

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When someone unexpected is at your front door, it’s a good idea to be sure you know who it is without fully opening your front door. Installing a storm door is helpful, but they’re only helpful if you’re home and your visitor lets you know they’re there.

A video doorbell allows you to see and hear a person at the front of your house with the click of a button on your phone. You can even respond via the doorbell, even when you aren’t home. Many video doorbells also record footage based on movement so you can always review something if things don’t feel quite right.

Fire Extinguishers

How many fire extinguishers your home may need will depend on the number of rooms and stories it has. Experts recommend at least having a fire extinguisher for every bedroom in the home. While most extinguishers are good for 10 to 12 years, checking them during your maintenance routines will ensure the date won’t sneak up on you.

Connected Alarms

Installing fresh batteries and checking your smoke alarms is essential. For added security, there are connected alarms for smoke detectors and home security. These alarms are connected through an app that allows homeowners to see exactly where danger is in case an escape route adjustment is necessary. Additionally, authorities are automatically contacted when the alarm is triggered.

Lighting Matters

Well-lit homes keep your family members safe and deter break ins. Motion-sensor lights near all of your home’s external entry points make certain you know exactly what’s going on, no matter the time of day. If you’re planning on leaving your home for an extended period, set up light timers for the interior and exterior lights. At designated times, your lights will turn on and off as if you were home.

Safe and Sound

A couple spending the morning together at the edge of their bed, happy and safe.

Homes provide wealth, security, and creativity for their owners, so keeping it safe is important. For a mortgage lender that prioritizes your security and goals, contact us today!

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